Welcome to ivetel...

Ivetel is primarily involved in providing embedded and software services world wide. We provide apt and 
extensive solutions to cater various complex industrial requirements. Our potential accomplishments are 
Research and Development, embedded Design and Software services.

The forth coming generation challenges require development of Embedded 
based solutions abundantly. We focus on adapting latest technologies in 
order to enhance existing industrial standards. We are core expertise in
various sectors of electronic industries like Ethernet solution on embedded 
devices, GPS / GSM, GPRS, Zigbee, Automation, Hand held Machine, Smart Card, RFID & Biometric solutions.

We also expertise on software solutions like Driver development for embedded devices,  System Design
based on RTLinux, Vxworks, WinCE and Windows XP Embedded.

Mission & Vision

"ivetel’s mission is contribute to the society by delivering valuable embedded and software solutions for
today’s challenges while creating a foundation for  tomorrow’s demands. And certainly to establish a viable,
joint and beneficial business relationship with our esteemed clients."