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Features & Benefits

1.Monitor and manage server room environmental and security conditions end IP.     
2.Create alarm signals with customized input parameters.   
3.Live view and control threw LAN, internet and mobile (anywhere, anytime).   
4.Alerts & status are posted in database log, which is accessible through Web user interface.The log can 
be downloaded.        
5.Automated four output relays for control of cooling fan tray.      
6.Ethernet interface by assigning an IP address for each system.       
7.Redundant power supply and 1-hour battery back-up Alerts are sent when there is a power outage 
and when power returns.
8.Uses a single Web interface for all systems connected.     
9.Visual status indications for Temperature, humidity & server names threw the Graphical LCD. High sensitivity.         
10.Smoke detection 1RU rack mount case is standard        
11.Compact 1U x 19” chassis mounting Biometric finger print access (Optional) PIR detection with camera (Optional).