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Features & Benefits


Internet we think that when it comes to basic applications such as File transfer, Email sending and receiving, object retrieval/sending and basic field application monitoring, standard protocols such as HTTP,FTP, SNMP, POP3/SMTP provide the best solution. This is why we propose the Internet Plug-In.

Our Internet protocols have been specifically designed for embedded M2M devices. With the Open AT® Internet Plug-In, you will discover that every single detail of the protocol feature set responds to your day today challenges and eliminates the hurdles you would face by using non-M2M focused protocols.

Key benefits:

  • Field proven protocols implementation
  • Reduce operation expenses (OPEX) through FTP Resume Transfer feature)
  • Improved monitoring devices with the latest (end secured) version of SNMP
  • Abstract your application from the Hardware
  • Shorten your development time with our sample (File Transfer, Application DOTA...)

Key features:

  • Bearer Independent
  • Service Configuration Manager
  • v1.1 of HTTP
  • Chunked Mode support for HTTP
  • V3 of SNMP for security
  • Active and Passive modes for FTP
  • Resume Transfer for FTP
  • Receive and Send E-Mails
  • Fully SSL compatible


TCP/IP when you can use field-proven, easy-to-use and efficient technology to reach, manage, operate and monitor your installed devices? Indeed, we believe that effective use of IP technologies and the set of protocols that come along with them will simplify the deployment and management of your machines.

Key benefits:

  • Field Proven IP stack
  • Abstract your application from the Hardware
  • Future proof your development though upgradeable stack
  • Fast API learning curve through asynchronous BSD like interfaces
  • Shorten your development time by using our samples (add Ethernet bearer, create TCP server...)

Key features:

  • Physical bearer abstraction
  • New bearers subscription
  • Bearer concurrency support
  • Socket Configuration Manager
  • Service Instance Multiplexing
  • Asynchronous socket APIs
  • Fully compatible with the LUA Scripting Plug-In