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Features & Benefits

1.Independent Reboot/on/off systems remotely.

2.Independent outlet current, inlet current, Voltage, Frequency.

3.Total energy and optional (earth to neutral current).         
4.Connectivity Ethernet / Wi-Fi / local wireless (2.4 GHz) / daisy chain.
5.Monitor and manage power to IT equipment from anywhere and anytime.        

6.Secure j2me mobile application to monitoring and controlling from anywhere.        

7.Compatible with current network management system HP Open View, IBM Tivoli.        

8.True RMS Current Measurement with class 1 accuracy.         

9.Support for name and ampere assignment to individual power outlets via PS2 Keyboard.

10.Wireless Daisy-chaining support at control level (up to N outlets).        

11.Over current alarm (sound, SMS alert, e-mail notification).        

12.Telnet/SSH/SNMP management of power outlets.        

13.Reduce in-rush overload with power-up sequencing.        

14.Ensure safe data center power load and distribution.        

15.Save space with flexible rack mounting options.