Ultrasonic Level Sensor->Overview


The Ultra sense liquid level sensor is a non contact sensor that is a direct replacement for level senders on tanks with depths up to ≤ 2 meters (78 inches).

The Ultra sense RS-485 bus allows real time processing of fuel data and messaging over the RS-485 bus. The RS-485 bus also provides the user flexibility to program the Ultra sense sensor for tank configuration, sensor mounting offset, gauge drive output full and empty endpoints and communication mode.

Ultra sense specially designs for small tanks. These sensors are aggressively priced and are comparable to mechanical level switches for the same tank size.These non-contact instruments works with a wide variety of media including diesel, Motor oil, hydraulic fluid and black water.

Find a variety of applications. Typical applications are measuring level of liquids in small storage tanks.  Other applications include Conveyor line counting, Web loop tension measurement, Open Channel flow measurement, collision detection, and more…

Measurement Technology:

Ultra sense uses ultrasonic technology to generate a high frequency sound wave and measure the time for the echo to reflect off of the liquid’s surface and return. The distance from the level sensor to the fuel is calculated based on the speed of sound. The measured distance is converted into a current loop analog output (4-20mA) or the output can be either RS485 data.

The measured distance is converted into a percentage of tank capacity (Full to Empty), and volumes in gallons based on the geometry of the tank.